2023-2024 Scholarships

  1. Always check your college choice website for scholarships given directly from college. The due dates for these may vary!

  2. Use the free online service EducationQuest. You can create an account and search through many scholarships that are loaded on this website. EducationQuest Website

  3. Register online for many free scholarship sites. You'll have to weed through many and beware of sites that are scams. Never pay or give your credit card information on a scholarship search site.

  4. Nebraska GrantsNebraska Opportunity Grant (NOG)

    The State of Nebraska provides the Nebraska Opportunity Grant (NOG) - formerly the Nebraska State Grant - to students who meet certain qualifications.  Qualifications include being a Nebraska resident, attending a Nebraska postsecondary institution, and having a minimum EFC as determined by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

  5. Community College Gap Assistance Program

    Gap Program funds are distributed to the state’s six community colleges, which recruit and select eligible low-income students in eligible programs to receive grants. Eligible students must have a family income at or below 250 percent of federal poverty guidelines. Student grants can be used for tuition, direct training costs, required books and equipment, and fees, including those for industry testing services and background check services. 

  6. Weller Grant Opens October 1st

  7. NURSING Incentive Scholarship- Opens November 1st

  8. Susan Thompson Buffett Scholarship Opens November 1st

October Scholarships:

Heisman Scholarship Due October 17th

Money Metal Scholarship Due October 31st

Voice of Democracy Scholarship Due October 31st

Vivo Scholarship Due October 31st

Duckett Local Conservation Scholarship Due October 31st

Pursuing a Positive Impact Scholarship Due October 31st

Builders Association Scholarship Due October 31st

November Scholarships:

Elks Most Valuable Student Due November 13th

James Alan Cox Scholarship Due November 15th

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Due November 16th

National Honors Society Due November 30th

Driver's Ed Initiative Scholarship Due November 30th

December Scholarships:

RHOP and KHOP Scholarships -See Mrs. Hoover Due December 1st

Walter Scott Junior Scholarship (attending UNO) Due December 1st

Various Wayne State Scholarships Due December 1st

Hagen Scholarship Due December 1st

Overachiever's Grant Due 15th

January Scholarships:

Ronald Reagan Scholarship Due January 1st

FFA Scholarships Due January 11th

DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Scholarships Due January 24th. (There are many different scholarships to apply for within this website).

Footlocker Scholarship Due January 30th

NRCSA Scholarships Due January 31st (opens in December)

February Scholarships:

Susan Thompson Buffett Scholarship Due February 1st (FAFSA Summary due March 15th)

Wayne State Art and Design Scholarship Due February 1st

Elks Scholarships (several to apply for) Due February 15th

Bill Lewis Scholarship (If you have participated in NSAA sports) Due February 19th

Nebraska State Interscholastic Athletic Administrator Association Scholarship Due February 23rd

National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association Scholarship Due February 23rd

AKRS Jumpstart Program Due February 24th

Sandhills Cattle Association (Parents or Grandparents must be a Sandhills Cattle Association Member) Due February 29th

American Legion State Scholarships Due March 1st-there are different scholarships to apply for. Must be completed by February 29th so they can be delivered to local Auxiliary for review

March Scholarships:

Oxbow Animal Health Scholarship

Working Ranch Cowboy Foundation Due March 1st

CVA Scholarships Due March 1st

Central Community College Scholarship Due March 1st

Weller Grant March 1st

Northeast Community College Due March 1st

The Underdog Scholarship Due March 1st (Buche Foods Scholarship)

Order of Eastern Star Scholarship Due March 14th

PTO Scholarship Due March 15th

Sandy Pine/GJW Scholarship Due March 15th

Assembly of God Scholarship Due March 18th

Brown County Hospital Scholarship Due March 29th (Going in to Healthcare)

Middle NRD Scholarship Due March 25th

Mitchell Tech Scholarships Due March 31st

Nebraska Society of Mayflower Descendants Due March 31st

April Scholarships:

FCE Scholarship Mailed by April 1st

H & K Scholarship Due April 1st

Homestead Bank Due April 1st

ThreeRiver Telco Scholarship Due April 1st

KBR Rural Public Power Scholarship-No specific due date however apply sooner than later

Better Business Bureau Scholarship Due April 4th

American Legion Local Scholarship Due April 10th

Trade Scholarship-For those going in to a trade-Due April 15th

Sharon Sheehan Scholarship-For those going in to a trade-Due April 15th

Stan Tuton Memorial Scholarship-Due April 15th

Student View Scholarship Due April 23rd

Sandhills Ranch Expo Due April 30th

Keya Paha County Foundation Scholarship Due May 1st