courtney dictionary project

Artist of the week for October 27, 2014, is Courtney McCarthy, a third grader.  “Courtney did a great job creating her art in a way that focused on the background bringing the image into view.  She has a very neatly drawn horse with interesting shapes and contours.”

picmonkey_image (1)

15-Tyler Knox, 20-Andrew Hollenbeck, 32-Micheal Ripley against Neligh/Oakdale 9-25-14



Time out to grab a drink and rest a minute!


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Score keeper-Kurt Mizner, Announcer Jason Orton, Raden Orton, Pat Brudigan, Radio Announcer from Ainsworth Randy Brudigan. Neligh/Oakdale 9-25-14



Ethan Munger at the Rent-a-Kid Auction after the Sept. 25 game.




Hope Hunt at the Rent-a-Kid Auction.