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The high school and junior high art students at Keya Paha County School have had a very productive year.  The students’ art competed in four art shows; Wakefield Art Show, Mullen Art Show, Keya Paha Art Show and the NVC (Niobrara Valley Conference) Art Show.  The following students earned top awards plus many other awards.
High School
Krista Ruther-four Judge’s Merits and twenty-six 1st places
Emily Swan-eight Judge’s Merits and thirty-seven 1st places
Taylor Gibson-one Judge’s Merit and seven 1st places
Dorothy Jochem-three 1st places
Kaycee Vigoren-eight Judgee’s Merits and twenty 1st places
Morgan Painter-ten Judge’s Merits and fifteen 1st places
Mattie Sawle-three Judge’s Meirts and twelve 1st places
Hope Hunt-seven 1st places
Faith Hunt-twenty-one 1st places
Elena Tiefenthaler, seven 1st places
Kylin Munger-ten 1st places
Becky Chase-one Judge’s Merit and nine 1st places
Junior High
George Cook-eight Judge’s Merits and nine 1st places
Rebecca Frick-ten 1st places
Jake Heerten-three Judge’s Merits and three 1st places
Katie Lewis-1 Judge’s Merit and four 1st places
Carter McCarthy-three 1st places
Colton Munger-one Judge’s Merit and four 1st places
Evelyn Prewett-three Judge’s Merits and eight 1st places
Kurtis Ruther-one 1st place
Michaela Franklin-two Judge’s Merits and two 1st places
Kiley Hallock-one Judge’s Merit and two 1st places
Charity Hunt-two 1st places
Sydney Linse-ten 1st places
Sage Miller-two 1st places
Brandon Mundorf-three Judge’s Merits and five 1st palces
Alexis Rutar-three Judge’s Merits
Sierra Udd-two 1st places
Zak Palmer-one 1st place

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Artists of the Week for May 4, 2015, are Wyatt Fowler, a first grader, and Aiden Tiefenthaler, a sixth grader.

aiden poppy

“Aiden has amazing action and detail displayed in his poppy poster.  His repetition of shape and directional line really create wonderful movement through the piece.”

wyatt f oil pastel

“Wyatt did a great job drawing the close-up of the turtle peeking out of his shell.  He applied his oil pastels with quick, expressive strokes.”