tinsley portrait

Artists of the week for December 8, 2014, are Tinsley Sears, a kindergartener, and Stetson Kaufman, a fifth grader.  “Tinsley’s portrait was painted with expressive strokes of color.  She has a constant style throughout her entire artwork and she worked hard to keep her facial features in proportion.”


stetson wire and keys

“Stetson was very creative in solving the challenge of making a turkey out of wire.  He has wonderful textural variety within his art using the wires and keys in different ways.”

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15-Tyler Knox, 20-Andrew Hollenbeck, 32-Micheal Ripley against Neligh/Oakdale 9-25-14



Time out to grab a drink and rest a minute!


picmonkey_image (2)


Score keeper-Kurt Mizner, Announcer Jason Orton, Raden Orton, Pat Brudigan, Radio Announcer from Ainsworth Randy Brudigan. Neligh/Oakdale 9-25-14



Ethan Munger at the Rent-a-Kid Auction after the Sept. 25 game.




Hope Hunt at the Rent-a-Kid Auction.